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LARENIM® Wholesale Opportunities

Become a Larenim® Retailer

Larenim® cosmetics are a healthy alternative to the typical cosmetics often found in department stores. In fact, Larenim® products actually may be good for your skin! We offer attractive wholesale pricing and low order minimums to qualified retailers including natural product stores, boutiques, day spas, salons, skin clinics, dermatologists and doctors offices.

Larenim® products are sold to retail stores that have agreed to meet the Larenim® Retailer Standards, which means in writing they agree to:

1) Sell from a retail store- A 'retail store' is a self-contained or physically separate business space with a physical sign, regular business hours, its own staff and a separate register.

2) Offer Adequate Customer Service and Resources- A retail store may meet this standard by retaining quailified employees, clerks, cosmetologists and estheticians.

If you are a qualified retailer who meets these wholesale criteria and would like to receive additional information, please complete the following:

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