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Blush: Getting Cheeky!
by Kirsten Corcoran

During the Victorian era, women who wanted a healthy glow pinched their cheeks before making a public appearance. Today, however, cosmetics companies offer modern women less painful alternatives. Technically speaking, blush is a cosmetic applied to the cheeks to impart a healthy color and glow. Like many cosmetics, blush may have roots in ancient Egypt. Throughout history the applications and purposes for blush have changed. At times, women applied blush to mimic blushing innocence or humility. During the Victorian era, blush was considered immoral (hence the cheek-pinching ritual). In the 1920s, blush was called rouge and an orange hue was in vogue.

Women now wear blush to convey good health and to emphasize their cheekbones. Appyling blush can be a quick and easy way to appear radiant, restful and vitalized! While many women learn how to apply foundation and eye cosmetics, blush color selection and application is sometimes misunderstood or misapplied. By following a few simple guidelines, using blush can become second nature.

Blush is available in many colors and shades. A simple trip to the cosmetics counter, shows blush in a variety of formulations as well. Cosmetics companies produce blush in such forms as powders, creams, and even cheek stains. Ideally, one should select blush that resembles the natural color of your cheeks when flushed. Try matching your natural lip color, too. Be careful not to select a shade that is too dark for your skin tone. Remember, blush should look like you, only better.

When applying a powdered blush, use a soft-bristled brush such as the Larenim® Blonzer brush, which covers the cheeks during application. To determine where to apply blush, smile in a mirror and identify the “apples,” or highpoints, of your cheeks. Lightly whisk your brush in the blush and then sweep the product onto the apples of your cheeks in an upward and outward motion, toward the hairline. Apply the same blush to your temples, your chin, your jaw or even the tip of your nose to balance your facial color. Apply a light layer of finishing powder if blush appears too dark or needs to be blended.

For a fresh-looking glow, use a Larenim® Fan brush to apply shimmery blush to the highpoints of your cheeks. To further emphasize your cheekbones, apply a soft, lustrous highlighter like Superstition™ to your cheekbones in a “C” shape from your temples to your cheekbones. You can also apply a deeper, warmer shade of blush underneath your cheekbones to make them “pop” while contouring the face. This technique requires both practice and the proper tools.

Correctly applied, blush can do wonders for your appearance in a matter of seconds. Experiment with several shades until you determine the perfect color for your skin tone, then practice application until it becomes second nature. Once you master the technique, you’ll never have to pinch your cheeks again!

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