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Custom Larenim® brushes are essential for proper application. We know you may already have a lot of brushes, but we promise that ours are worth the investment! Our brushes should last a lifetime if gently cared for. Wash with shampoo and let dry overnight at least every two weeks. (Note: Our brushes are all cruelty-free.)

The Luscious Kabuki is a high quality, trimmed squirrel tail and goat hair brush. This is one of the most luxurious kabuki brushes on the market. The Softer-than-Sable™ Kabuki is an exceptionally soft, yet firm vegan brush made of taklon fibers. (Taklon is a synthetic fiber.) This vegan kabuki delivers a heavier application of minerals so that fewer layers are needed. Both kabuki brushes hold and dispense the mineral foundation and Mineral Silk™ powders better than any other brushes we have encountered. Our kabuki brushes are perfect for applying the Dusk til Dawn™ overnight product. (We suggest having one kabuki for applying the foundation and/or Silks and another for Dusk til Dawn. This is due to the vastly different textures.)

The Camouflage Oval brush is also vegan and made of Taklon. This is an excellent brush for precision application of the Eye Colours. It is also excellent for applying concealer and spackling the pores with our Invisi-Pore™ product. The Camouflage Oval Grande is a larger version of the Camouflage Oval and is incredible for applying foundation or concealer to larger areas of the face. Once you've tried this brush you won't know what you did without it!

The Eye Colour Kabuki is the ideal, general application brush for applying the Eye Colours. The soft, dome-shaped bristles perfectly transfer and buff the minerals onto the eyelids.

The Blending Brush gently and effectively applies the Eye Colours to the eyelid and will buff the edges of the shadows into seamless perfection.

The Smudge Brush is great for creating a seamless edge of the Eye Colours when applied as eyeliner, especially when you are aiming to achieve a smoky-eye look.

The Eyeliner brush is also a vegan, synthetic fiber brush. It does a superb job of applying the Eye Colour as an eye liner.

The Vegan Blush brush is essential for applying our blush with perfect precision.

The Blonzer brush is our blush and bronzer combination brush. It is made of the same high quality bristles as our Luscious Kabuki.


To start, lightly dip the Kabuki into the minerals and tap off the excess. Then, continue to brush the coating of minerals onto the face. There is not a special motion; simply cover your face with the minerals and repeat once or twice until you are happy with the coverage. You can go over any blemishes or ruddiness that is still visible with the Camouflage Oval brush using a slightly heavier application of the foundation. You can also use the Camouflage Oval brush to apply concealer or foundation around your eyes.

Another tip is to mix a tiny bit of Larenim® foundation or concealer with a drop of jojoba oil using the Camouflage Oval or Camouflage Oval Grande brush to make a high-coverage concealer. Make sure you feather the edges of the applied concealer to create a natural effect. NOTE: All containers come with a clear seal on top of a sifter. The sifter controls the flow to prevent waste. Remove the seal altogether, or poke through some of the holes with a pin for lighter flow.


Mineral Airbrush™ Pressed Foundation is applied with the included sponge. Simply wipe the sponge across the pressed minerals and distribute evenly on face. DO NOT WET THE SPONGE FIRST. The sponge can be washed with a cleanser and dried overnight.

Mineral Airbrush™ Pressed Foundation is an adjustable coverage foundation. Therefore, if you want higher coverage simply sponge on until your face is covered. If you want less coverage, distribute smaller amounts with the sponge. Pressed minerals can double as a concealer as well. Use the Camouflage Oval Grande brush to apply a small amount to conceal blemishes or under-eye circles. Use a Kabuki brush if you want a lighter all-over application.

Tip: Try wearing multiple Mineral Airbrush™ Pressed Foundation shades for an ultra flattering effect. For instance, 3WM can be worn as an all-over shade with the 2WM being worn around the eye area. 

WARNING: The pressed mineral foundation WILL shatter if dropped! We do not use the customary binders that hold other pressed foundations together. Those binders are often pore clogging and we avoid them.


Dusk 'til Dawn™ is one of the best products for those with acne prone and/or oily skin. It works on oil while still helping to detoxify pores. It also helps to minimize the appearance of the flushing associated with Rosacea. Post laser treatment and Poison Ivy sufferers have also reported very high satisfaction. Directions: Buff onto skin with a Kabuki brush before bed. Leave on overnight.


To minimize oily shine, apply a layer of Mineral Silk™ finishing powder over foundation using the Kabuki. This makes an excellent product for touch-ups throughout the day as it will never appear cakey or dry the skin. Mineral Silk™ applied with our Camouflage Oval Grande brush is also perfect as a pore filler or "spackler". This will NOT clog the pores, but will make them appear much smaller if not altogether undetectable.


We offer a variety of Larenim® concealers for different purposes.

Invisi-Pore™ is a pore-filling, oil management product. It should be applied with a Kabuki and can be used under foundation as a primer or applied over foundation as a finishing product. Invisi-Pore™ can also be used to touch up during the day. It is best for those with large pores and normal to oily skin. Invisi-Pore™ will help create a smooth, matte finish and minimize oily shine that tends to exaggerate the appearance of large pores.

Hocus Pocus™ is a green-toned concealer used to minimize the appearance of blemishes or general ruddiness of the skin. It also soothes and helps to conceal many skin conditions.

Our collection of Fair Maiden™ concealers minimize blue-ish undereye circles, serve as a primer for the Eye Colour, and brighten the eye area for a youthful effect.

Voodew™ has a yellow tint which minimizes darker blue under-eye circles.

Allure™ has an apricot tint which minimizes purplish under-eye circles.

Harmony™ concealer is for general concealing. It is great for minimizing the appearance of blemishes and hyper-pigmentation.


Blush should achieve a natural flushed glow on the face and can also be used to emphasize the cheek bones. Bronzer is great for mimicking a tan or highlighting the tan you have. Bronzer is also great for warming up a dull or pale complexion.

We recommend applying blush or bronzer with our Blonzer brushes. The Blonzer brush is similar to our high quality Kabuki with a shape that is better for cheek and contouring needs. Lightly dip the Blonzer brush in the powder and tap off any excess. Apply to the cheeks and high points of the face for a healthy, glowing effect.


Superstition and Youth Dew Luminizer can provide a luminous, lit-from-within glow and even allow a tired complexion to appear bright and refreshed. Our highlighters can be worn strategically to enhance certain features, such as the ledges of the cheekbone, or be applied as an all over facial illuminator. We recommend applying the highlighters with our Blonzer brush.


FOR BEST RESULTS the Eye Colours are generally applied dry using the Eye Colour Kabuki brush, the Camouflage Oval brush or the Blending Brush. You can also wet your brush with water first to intensify the appearance of the color. Remember that our Eye Colours, like almost every product in the Larenim® line, are designed to be flattering ON ALL AGE GROUPS! Even the more lustrous Eye Colours amaze those with mature eyelids. They appear to make the eyelid look more moist and smooth.

FOR EYELINER use the Larenim® Eyeliner brush or Smudge Brush to apply any deep-hued Eye Colour as eyeliner. Simply mix a drop or two of water with mineral powder in the lid of the jar and apply. It is absolutely the most beautiful, gentle and long lasting eye liner you will ever need. The Angled Brush is excellent for providing a thicker line. Buff edges of the applied eyeliner with the Larenim® Smudge brush or a cotton swab for a more natural look.


Apply 2-3 coats of MineraLash™ mascara to top and bottom lashes. Lashes may be curled with an eyelash curler after the mascara has dried, if desired.


If your skin is dry, apply Age ReDew moisturizer and wait approximately 5 minutes before applying foundation. If you want to set make-up immediately after application, simply mist with Hyaluronic Hydration Mist facial spray. Minerals will set on their own in 15-20 minutes and take on a beautiful, translucent glow. Use Bamboo Skin Polish facial scrub occasionally to help minerals better cling to the skin.


Below is a short list of suggestions on which foundations to use with various complexions. Remember, these are just starting points so try them and adjust as necessary.

1C/3C - For very fair, creamy complexions with natural pink undertones.

4C - For light to medium beige complexions.

3C - For most Asian complexions.

2N - For light to medium skin with neutral brown tones.

3N - For light to medium skin that has a combination of warm and cool tones.

3W - For masking Rosacea and redness. Provides the most comprehensive red-tone coverage of any of our foundations and one of the most common matches for those with light to medium skin tones.

4W/8W - For olive-toned complexions.

4W/8W/10W - For Hispanic complexions.

6W - For Indian/Middle Eastern complexions.

8W/10W - A range of colors that work well on African complexions. 

Harmony (applied as a foundation) - For skin with a lot of brown patches.


Supernatural and Imagine are perfect eye highlighters! They are gorgeous applied to the center of the brow bone and the inner tear duct area.

Try gently rimming your eyes with a Larenim® Eye Colour in a shade similar to your eye color to make your eyes pop!

In addition to using Dusk 'til Dawn™ for night-time skin care, use it as a foundation base to control that oily look during the day. Invisi-Pore™ or Mineral Silk™ finishing powders can also be applied before foundation and throughout the day to help with oily shine.

Dust a little Goddess Glo™ Shimmer onto your décolleté for a sexy warm glow!


Have fun with the minerals! There are so many possibilities with a little imagination. Mix your favorite color into a clear gloss or nail polish. Mix “Incantation” with almost anything for an eye-catching, glamorous effect!

Try applying Eye Colour shades that you normally wouldn’t wear. One of the most common comments we receive is how surprised people are by how flattering a particular shade looks on their eyes.