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A Brief History

The Larénim brand launched into the natural products industry in 2004, but its inception was many years in the making. 

Kirsten Corcoran, the founder of Larénim, started the company after searching for truly healthy and beautiful cosmetics and discovering that none were available. For years, Corcoran struggled with such skin issues as: acne, expanded pores, rosacea and irritated skin and eyes, and nothing helped resolve the issues.

During that time, Corcoran spent her mornings in frustration, washing and picking at her blemished skin, and concealing her skin with a thick layer of makeup. Eye shadows and liners burned Corcoran’s eyes and mascara made her lashes look a bit “garish.” As the day progressed, Corcoran’s makeup would start sliding around on her face; at night, her skin would start breaking out again. It started all over the next morning.

After working in the health food industry for 27 years, Corcoran developed a product line that she would want to wear—cosmetics that not only looked beautiful, but also improved the skin with every use. So after assembling a full product line, Larénim® Mineral was launched.

We knew many other women were frustrated with their current makeup and skin appearance…and we were right! Within two years, Larénim® Mineral graced the shelves of over 750 retail stores in the natural products industry! The enthusiasm for our products was overwhelming. Women around the country reported happiness about finally having clear, beautiful skin.

Additional customers expressed joy at not having to wear uncomfortable makeup that gave them burning, irritated skin, eyes or other problems. Many women said they enjoyed our broad, encompassing selection of colors that had the style and sophistication of department store brands.

In December 2006, Nutraceutical acquired the Larénim® Mineral brand. This acquisition allowed Larénim® to significantly increase its production, distribution and marketing, while maintaining a devotion to the healthiest, highest quality and most gorgeous all-natural cosmetic line in the industry!


Larenim is devoted to helping you reveal
your natural beauty!